Just call me No Pants Ned

Did you know that today was No Pants Day.

I had a lovely bike ride in to my new job today.  The weather was spectacular and I was in such a good mood when I got to the gym.  Did some weights and much needed stretching and unpacked my bags only to find that I forgot to pack the pants to my `first day of work`suit.  HORROR.  I didn`t think that putting on my bike shorts with a suit jacket was the best first impression to make.  Then their was the fear that I hadn`t brought a credit or debit card.  A quick dig through the bags thankfully found my debit card.  I quickly showered and put my bike wear back on and ran...yes, I ran...to L`Esplanade Laurier to Cleo.  The lovely woman who greeted me totally understood my dilemma.  She said a lot of bikers have the same issue of having forgot a piece of clothing.  Thank goodness they had a sale on dresses.  Bought the dress and finished putting myself back together in the change room.  I am forever grateful for Cleo for being open before 9 and for having sales.  Thank goodness the rest of my day went much smoother after that.

Just call me No Pants Ned.

It was great to see so many familiar faces (and a few that I couldn`t remember their names).  I`m looking forward to an exciting adventure back at Osler.


  1. LOL. Hope day 2 is less eventful, Ned.

  2. OMG! I have dreams like that! Too funny Sandra. So glad you were close enough to a place that is open early. They are smart! x0


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