Damn, missed the firefighters

We were calm and orderly

Just as I finished getting dressed (and had dried my hair thank goodness) the fire alarm went off at the gym.  Unfortunately for a few ladies they hadn't even showered yet.  The lights went off and on and off and on and I assume that was to move everyone along and not because there was a real fire.  Personally, if I hadn't showered I would hide in my locker until the coast was clear.  Seriously, the shower area is all stone and water so what better place to be during a fire, right?

Sadly I had to hustle back to work and missed the two fire trucks worth of firefighters.

Maybe for my birthday....hahaha

We ordered a new battery for my tablet a month or so ago and it hasn't shown up (from China) so we inquired and this was the (hilarious) response.

"Dear Sir, Really so sorry, yes, we meet the worst shipping status these days, as you know, we send all batteries via our shipping company --sweden post during the past years, all arrive fast and safely, but on Feb 2016, one sweden post cargo fire caught fire during shipping, mass/huge packages was hold and blocked on theire sweden processing center waiting delivery, the kep for those packages for quite a long time, and start to ship again on 17/03, not our goods, but all other china battery seller's packages too, this is too bad,we have more than 300 packages waiting for deliery in their warehouse, it's really unbelieverable, we really don't know this will happen, it's an accident, it makes us headache, we have to handle so many refund everyday, as you can see our feedbacks records, we are sincere seller but not cheater, we really send out items on time, please trust us, can you wait few days? if not, we will full refund to you right now! it's our responsibility! we promise you! "

Reading this make me headache.


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