Is this your goal look?

I don't know if you all remember the leather-look woman that I mentioned a few years ago when I worked in Kanata.  I used to see her when I was out for a lunch time run.  She biked in tiny shorts and a sports bra and she looked like leather...dry leather.

Well, I've now seen her mate.  Maybe I should try to hook them up.  I'm thinking that if they both sat in matching brown leather barcaloungers you wouldn't see them because they look the same as the chairs.  Maybe that's what they are aiming for, to look like camouflage instead of wearing it because it seems like they don't like to wear very many clothes.

Anyways, to her mate.  I saw this older man, well he looks older but that's what happens when you turn to leather, who was running in only shorts (and shoes).  He had rolled the waist of his shorts down and tucked up the legs so that he was wearing very little (ew) and, oh my, but was he leathery.  There is no sun screen in his life that's for sure.  Why are you doing this to yourself?  Why are you subjecting us to having to look at you in tiny shorts?  You can't undo seeing something like that.

And my final note for the morning, never, never let people touch your computer.  It is great that there are people to help when things happen but your computer is never, ever the same again.  All my deleted emails are gone and I'm one of those that like to keep them around for a while (ok, months) just in case.  All of my internet links are gone.  All my usernames are no longer there.  I hate rebuilding but that's what I'm going to be doing for a while.

I saw a spectacular sunrise this morning which means that it will be a fabulous day....right?


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