Gym Tails...

What is it with gym people?  I was at the gym and using the mat and then, because I was going to return after doing some arm work, left the ball that I was also using on the mat.  Marking my territory, right?  There are a bunch of mats set out, any of which people could use.  No, this guy has to go right to the spot I was using, take off his shoes and socks and proceed to scratch his foot over the spot on the mat.  This is so disgusting on so many levels.  Why do you need bare feet in the gym?  It should be illegal to have bare feet in the gym unless you are in the room where they do yoga – on mats!!  Does he wipe the mat after he is done?  NO!  Honestly, wanted to do a Donald Trump and hit him SO HARD.  Now I have to make sure to clean the mat BEFORE I ever use it again.  Not sure how long it will take me to get over my grossed outness from this event so I can use the mat again.  Good thing that I can be outside running now.  Why didn’t I got out today you are wondering?  Well, maybe you aren’t and really don’t care.

Meanwhile there was the woman who was sitting on a chair in the gym when I arrived.  She was playing on her phone (that was encased in a hello kitty case I might add).  That is sort of like the rule about being of a certain age when mini skirts are no longer acceptable.  The phone case was not acceptable.  Anyways, she eventually moved from the chair (that was the extent of her exercise that I saw) and moved to the hall where she stopped to have a conversation with another woman.  After five minutes or so of this she moved to the change room.  I put in 45 minutes by the way. I had showered and changed and was on my way out when she exclaimed that someone had stolen her clothes and her towel.  Now I can sympathize except for the fact that if that did happen, she could just put her workout stuff back on because she didn’t actually work out in them so they were fresh.  Turns out that her dress was on the floor so it seems that a “grown up” woman went into her locker, took her towel (ew) and threw her dress under a bench.  I am wondering if she had an “episode” where she actually forgot her towel at home and had put her dress on the bench when she was putting her workout gear on and it slipped (they are slippery benches) off and she didn’t pick it up and hang it up and forgot.  It appears that she forgot undergarments because she put her dress on without putting anything on under it.  Is this work appropriate?  Nope.  This is coming from No Pants Ned herself J.

Ok, for the one person out there that is really wondering why I didn’t go out for a run today it is because I am going out to dinner with three of my favorite ladies tonight and didn’t want to totally destroy myself  (like I did yesterday) being a super sweaty mess after my run.  Plus, I didn’t want to bring in my runners since my backpack was already pretty full.

Let’s all say a little prayer for some rain this weekend.  The next water bill is going to be really scary.


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