Like what a splashy like day....

Truer words have never been spoken.  I'm sorry but crocs are just ugly and shouldn't be worn outside of your garden.  But then again, pajama pants should not be worn outside of the house and yet people do wear them to go shopping, to school, etc.  Are you just so lazy that you couldn't put proper outside-in public-look half way respectible-clothes on?  I fear for the fashion world that there are so many people who don't care what they look like when they are out in public.  Come on people, it doesn't cost much to look clean and tidy while out at school, work and shopping (for nice clothes!).  Any my final note (for today) is that there are far, far too many women downtown who wear leggings as pants.  This is mostly an office-world here and you are honestly wearing leggings and all your jiggly parts are jiggling.  No one said that you had to be super comfy in all parts of your day.  Put some regular pants on please!

Super splashy, wet, glad I curled my hair before the weather did it for me, day.   Had to hunt down an umbrella this morning and (thanks Steph) found a big one from the Haunted Walk of Ottawa.  I found mine nice and dry at the office :).

I had my first ride on a very crowded bus with a million other wet, dripping people.  Oh what fun.  I had to endure listenting to a lenghy conversation between two young adults that was filled with "like, and then he did, like.....  and, like, its a shame, like..... I'm almost like finished school and then like....  STOP WITH THE LIKES!  I'm sure like we had a saying similar to that when I was there like age but like all older folks like I don't like remember it like being like so annoying.

   There was a woman on the bus this morning with a haircut like Pinks.  There must have been so much product in it to keep it like this especially on a windy wet day.

We had a great weather weekend although I do hope that the wind wears itself out soon and we can get some warmer days.  Jonathan and I went for a couple of bike-runs but yesterday's was the best (and longest).  We dipsy doodled around some of the neighbourhoods to critique and admire people's houses.  We were reminded though to be careful what we say before checking to see if anyone is outside to hear us - lol.  We enjoyed a delicious BBQ last night to celebrate J's 20th birthday.  He was very happy with all of his great gifts.  My favourite part?  Last week someone commented that I could not be old enough to have a 20 year old.  Hearing comments like this every once in a while makes all of the expensive lotions so worthwhile :)

I hope everyone has a Monday that goes by least the work part of it.


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