Gym Tales

I like to think we are all grownups at the gym I go to.  It’s a nice downtown gym full of all manner of folks.  There are your hard core (drool worthy) bodies, the few-times-a-week bodies, the I'm doing it, I'm finally taking charge of my life bodies (and good on you).  People wear cotton t-shirts, shorts, capris, those stupid toe shoes (at least I think they are stupid), work out pants that show your butt, bustier type workout tops, colourful clothes and there are those that just pull anything they can grab in the dark out of their dresser.  We are a many varied bunch.

What I don't get is that being all grownups, we all know about germs right?  I would like to think that our parents instilled in us certain knowledge about germs and where they live and how to avoid them.  You can also hear about it on TV, on the radio, on the internet, from friends, from anywhere. 

Where I am going with this is that there was a woman in the showers today who had her shampoo, conditioner and soap all ready to go for her shower.  They were all laid out on a little plastic stool that the gym keeps so that you can easily grab your stuff and not have to put it on the floor.  Well she also had her toothbrush and toothpaste on this plastic stool where everyone and her sister has had her stuff and who knows what else.  Makes me gag just thinking about it and aren't you glad that I shared this with you?  I love to share!
Remember to change your toothbrush regularly and DON'T BRUSH YOUR TEETH IN THE SHOWER AT THE GYM...they even have a sign up telling you that it’s not allowed for hygienic reasons!!!

I'm pumped to participate in the Law Day 5K run tomorrow.  Haven't done it in 5 years!  There are a lot of runners at the office so there will definitely be a bit of least on my part.  Remember the Lett Motto:  Don't Be Last.


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