The Case of the Travelling Clothes

Two days ago someone left their suit jacket and top hanging over the door of a stall in the ladies washroom.  Now this got me wondering (out loud) whether someone was walking around the office without a top on.  Kind of horrifying I have to say.  To date I haven't seen anyone topless.

Yesterday the clothes had migrated to the counter where they lay lost and forlorn all day.  How does one forget their top and jacket?  I can't even come up with a good reason that you would take your top off at the office and not your bottom half.  I could see if they changed to go to the gym but then there would be pants or a skirt with the ensemble but there is not.  Any ideas?

This morning the clothes have yet again migrated and are now hanging on a hook in the washroom.  Makes me wonder where they will end up after the weekend.  Maybe I should leave them on a different person’s chair each morning with a rescue note to keep things exciting.

TGIF Everyone.


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