Friday Frights, Props and Thanks.

Ok, so this was my face yesterday.  First it was for the traffic trying to get out of downtown.  The City hasn't plowed the streets properly and people parked in the driving lanes instead of the parking lanes (because there weren't any) which meant a three lane road became a one lane road.  It took forever to get to the Queensway.  When I got to the hospital I had to drive around for 10 minutes to find a parking spot which costs about $4.00.

I got the nurse who skipped bedside manner classes.  She took out the stitches which only hurt for a moment.  Then she says that after the doctor checks my foot she has to bandage it up again and no showerin for 24 hours.  I was SO looking forward to a shower this morning and not washing my hair in the laundry room sink.  Tomorrow I think I'll put on some music, light some candles and enjoy a lovely long shower.  Oh, then she says that as much as I want to scrub the scabs I am not to do so but to let them fall off on their own.  I said, honey, there is no way on God's green earth that I have a desire to scrub my foot and the only thing touching it for a very long time will be the shower water.

Then the doctor comes in and without any warning he tries bending my toe.  My toe doesn't want to bend which was one of the reasons for the surgery in the first place.  That's when the face kicked in again.  HOLY SHIT but it hurt.  He says "we" have to be aggressive about doing this.  Well maybe you can be but unless I have a lot of painkillers in me I certainly won't be doing this to myself.  I'll wait until I go to physio and pay someone to give me this kind of pain.  Then I can swear at them.  I wonder what makes doctors different from psychopaths.  They both inflict pain.  Maybe doctors need to have a bit of a psychopath in them to be doctors but seriously, is it necessary to be quite so mean?  I have a month to get over this before seeing him again which is a good thing because I have been practicing my "if looks could kill" look.

It us nice to have a layer less of bandages though so I could wear tights and one of my new blue suede booties today.  I feel a little like Peter Pan. 

I got to the park and ride this morning and my plan of parking in the pregnant lady spot (because they said I could) didn't work because all 3 spots were taken.  Are they really pregnant?  So I had to park a distance away and the buses were coming.  Props and thanks go to the woman who asked if I needed one of the buses and ran ahead to tell the driver to wait for me.  No props to him because he didn't wait until I was sitting down before barelling off down the road.
Off to the gym today because this is how I'm feeling these days with no cardio in my life.

If you are squeemish you may not want to go any further but here is a picture of my foot.  I have to say that the incision is longer than I thought it would be.  But fabulous nail polish colour!


  1. At least your nail polish matches 😬 Hope you're running soon. And showering.


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