Timing is everything

I couldn't face another day with the same black shoe on so today's shoe is pink.  Such a happy colour and it goes with the black cast quite nicely.

It has been such a "fun" week.  Here I thought that I picked the best time to have surgery and missed out on the -40 degree weather last week but no, had to come back to work on the biggest snow day of all time and it just keeps getting better.  Yesterday I couldn't get down our street so had to take the bus to work.  People actually pushed and shoved to get on the bus before me.  Only until I gave a man the evil eye.  Then getting off of the bus and over a snowbank was fun as was the walk on what used to be a sidewalk to get to the office.  I should have just walked on the road since traffice wasn't moving very fast because of accidents anyways.  I finally got to work and the boss was there when I got off of the elevator and he asked how I was.  I said exhausted and he said "well, its great exercise".  So not the thing to say right at that moment.  You are facing a tired, wet and cranky woman dude. 

Then it was time to go home.  I slogged through the muck to the bus stop and waited 30 minutes and never saw my bus.  Finally I just got on a bus that would take me to Fallowfield station all while thinking how awful waiting for another bus here would be.  Hubby to the rescue.  I got off the bus after a few stops so he could pick me up.  I had to walk a short distance to get to a spot he could pull over and it was a small trail on the sidewalk.   What does the scurge of humanity do?  Actually, it was just rude people.  I had to stop and move over because they were just plowing to get by me.  I'm not sure if the giant black cast was showing enough beside all the white snow.  Maybe I should put flashing lights on it.  Or, possibly, I should just start telling people what rude, self-involved, jack asses they are.  I kind of like that idea.

And then to continue the "fun" week, I got my car to run this morning as I need it to get to my appointment this afternoon to get the stitches out (YAH!!!!).  I guess after all the snow and then the melt and then the overnight freezing, the car stuck on the laneway because when I finally got it to move I heard a bit of a crunch or maybe it was a crack.  Of course I kept going, a little worried that I was getting a flat tire but that didn't happen.  I didn't get really concerned until I was finally able to get up to speed on the Queensway and as soon as I got over 80 km/h the car started to shake.  YIKES.  Brought it back to 80 and said a few prayers.  I really hope that this doesn't mean that the car has to go to Dr. Ike.  Such a bother.  Now I'll have to leave work a bit earlier than planned because I don't think I can get away with only doing 80 in the middle of the day.  I'd become one of those folks that I usually yell at.  Everyone keep your fingers crossed that I can get to my appointment and then home in one piece.

So, I get to work and go to make a much needed cup of tea and who comes into the lunchroom?

Yes, grumpy cat woman.  She starts off with - my bus didn't show up and I'm still cold.  I start to say how I waited for 30.... And then she was going on about how she is moving tomorrow (unfortunately I don't think it is to another city) and there is too much snow in front of her house and the moving truck won't be able to get there.  Then she walks out before she could hear my "oh, I'm doing ok, thanks for asking".  Yet another self-involved jackass....with a grumpy cat face.  Meow.

Ok now that I've got this out of my ssystem it is time to get on with my day.  Can't wait to get more snow tomorrow.  Guess I'll have to get a garbage bag out for the bus ride ($20 a day for parking is outrageous).

Should, heaven forbid, I ever need another cast I want one like this.


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