Doing the Hippy Hippy Shake

I've heard that orange is the new black so today's shoes are orange.

Tomorrow is the last day of fabulous shoes and I have such a dilemma. I am going to have to bring in at least two pairs of shoes so that I can get the most shoe love before I have to drag around a cast.  Now what two pairs should I bring?  Time to open up the shoe binder and browse.'

I saw a man at the bus stop last night and he was such fun to watch.  He put his headphones in and started dancing.  First it was the knees doing the dip and then the hips joined in.  I was very curious about what music he was listening to and very proud of him for doing the dance in the midst of all the bus-waiting folks.

The following are words that were in a newspaper article I read the other day.  Did the guy get out his thesaurus to write it?
  • left-wing demagogues
  • efficacious
  • parlance
  • adroitly
  • innocuous
  • penurious
  • insouciantly simile
All topped of with the line "Sometimes history doesn't suture a leader with the most suitable epoch".

I will admit, I have to drag out the dictionary for some of this.

I think I should be able to leave work now so I can choose the right shoes for tomorrow....don't you agree?


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