Nothing like Pit Bull to get the body moving

It has been a busy morning.  I baked cookies and little cakes, did laundry, cleaned the kitchen and washed the floor.

Then it was time for 30 minutes with Pit  Bull in the home gym.  No way you can sit still with him blasting. While I didn't manage a sweat I did glisten.

I finished my project of cleaning up the pictures that were hanging in the basement for the last 18 years.  I wonder just how old some of those spiders were.  Here are some cuties that were among the pictures.

What happened to that white blond hair? 

Oh Steph, how we loved you in this outfit.  Those cheeks were squeezed so many times its a wonder you aren't permanently bruised. 

My babies ☺.

And those toes helped make such a  pretty ballerina.

And then she met Corina who also grew into an amazing and beautiful young woman.

Still haven't gotten to cleaning up the bag of pantyhose but that seems like such a depressing job because then I'll have to buy new ones.

Why does the across the street neighbor sweep the laneway? Really? You never see the two women except when they clean the car off or clean the laneway.  I think I've shared my theory on them before - two wives?

This is so much better.  After the bandages come off I'll have to rethink the colour depending on what colour the bruises are.

Now its time for bathtub yoga.  Always an interesting workout.

Hope you are all having a great day. I am looking forward to opening the front door and enjoying the crisp fresh least for a minute or so.


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