Bike Screwed

Bet that got your attention - hahaha

My first bike ride to work Friday and I barely made it home before I got a flat tire.  Sheesh! I hope that this isn't a sign that it will be like years past when I biked to work in Kanata and got many flat tires a season.  I really missed not being able to bike on the weekend.  I went for a run on Saturday and my, oh, my but it was sweltering.

This weekend was perfect(ly) hot for making coconut water fruity popsicles in fun popsicle makers.

Polished off the weekend by going to Home Depot and buying some nice perennials.  Now to figure out their best placement.  I actually got to sit in the backyard yesterday and enjoy how well the gardens are growing.  The zucchini's are doing great.  The first one of the season yielded 7 shredded cups which in turn became spicy zucchini muffins and chocolate zucchini muffins...mmmmmm.  Maybe next time will be chocolate zucchini cake.  Also mmmmmm.


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