How many ways can you say humid?

I love the above forecast.  Not quite what we are going through right now but I imagine it feels that way to people who don't have air conditioning.  I know that the inside of my car was 40 degrees yesterday afternoon and I don't have air conditioning in it.  It worked for one day !!!!

In case you are tired of hearing how "humid" it is or just want a new word to use to complain about it, here are some alternatives for you:  dank, moist, sultry (sounds very romantic doesn't it?), clammy, irriguous (not sure how you can fit that into a sentence but let me know if you do), sodden, stifling, sweltering and sticky.  So many interesting variations on the word.

Here are some of my Weekly Roundups from last week and yesterday:

  • Ladies, if you insist on wearing a jersey-type dress with a thong, please get a dress that fits correctly so that we don't have to see your dress go in and out of your butt when you walk
  • Did I tell you about smelly Betty?  Had to sit beside her all the way home on the bus one day...had to keep turning sideways to breath
  • New male fashion?  penny loafers and no socks?  No!
  • Another male fashion - pants that are way too short so  you can show off your fun socks - strange look
  • Ladies (sorry but you give me so much to talk about), if your belly bounces (a lot), please don't wear a sports bra without a top over it when biking, everything just bounces and its not pretty
  • Gents, if you only have a wee bit of hair left around the rim of your head do you have to pay full price for a haircut?
  • Men, yes you, if your belly jiggles please put a shirt on when running, also not pretty
  • It has been so hot that I have had to drink out of the dog fountain.  So far I haven't started growling (much)
  • Did you know that all over the Glebe shops leave out bowls of water for dogs.  Good to know if there isn't a fountain nearby
  • Yesterday was pretty warm right?  Why was a guy running with a jacket on?  Made me sweat more just looking at him.  Also, why was a woman wearing a wool sweater at the bus stop after work - seriously!
  • Also saw a woman wearing a hoodie yesterday.  New weight loss plan...sweat it off?
  • And last but not least, downtown is the place to be if you are looking for a construction workers paradise...filled with chicks who barely cover their butt, their boobs and almost every other thing.  Lunchtime downtown construction comes to a stand still while they line the roads and Sparks Street to watch the parade and it is really such a parade.
Life in the burbs is nothing like being down here and while I really like it here, I do miss burb-life.  I biked to Kanata on Saturday, taking the route I used to take to work and I loved it.  Must say though, you can't get away from construction anywhere in Ottawa, even on the bike path.

New bike cute
This is so true!


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