I need a martini bike

We are so sad that Steph and Arun are stranded in Newfoundland.  They have had to stay an extra two days because fog has stopped their flight out.  Maybe if everyone in Ontario goes outside and blows really hard it will blow the fog out to the ocean.  Just a thought.  Fingers and toes are crossed they get out tonight.  I have hot chocolate cookies to help get Arun into his happy place when he comes back (but don't tell him).

Biking home last night in (yet again) the wind.  By the time I got to the bike path on Merivale I was ready to camp out in the church yard.  Who needs a tent?
Biking in this morning (yes, I did it again) my legs felt like this guy's although not so veiny :).

I was biking down Fallowfield, just starting my journey, thinking "why, why, why did I bike again today?" when this guy zooms past me.  Show off!!!  Plus I had a few other unflattering things to say to him but just in my head of course.

Today's tidbits:

  • on my way home yesterday there was a guy going down the path on Colonel By, right by Carleton U who was dressed like this guy.  He had on a blow up head cover that looked just like this guys hair.  Why????

  • shirtless running guy this morning...mmmmmmm
  • my thoughts while biking near Lansdowne Park....if I saw a body floating in the canal it would give me the perfect excuse to stop biking and rest.  Well, don't need a whole body, a leg or an arm would do.
  • So looking forward to taking the bus tomorrow.  Now that's something you don't hear too often
Have a great day everyone.


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