What's a little rain?

So many reasons to be happy today.  I got to bike in, it wasn't pouring rain and I got to see lovely flowers along the Canal.
One of my new flowers opened up and its gorgeous.

I used the gift certificate that Jonathan gave me for Mother's Day and got my first French manicure.  So pretty.  Plus the paraffin treatment and hand massage.....awesome.  Thanks J!!

My campaign to beat the squirrels is working.  I started growing peonies in the house and they are doing well.  Unfortunately the dahlia doesn't seem to want to come out but I'll keep encouraging it.

New shoes.  Can't help but be happy with new shoes, right??

And, of course, the BEST reason to be happy today.....Steph and Arun come home tonight!

Hope you all find your happy place today.


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