The things you see at the bus stop

It has been far too long since I actually posted a pic of the shoes of the day.  These are so pretty and very comfy too.  I hate those days (like today) that I get downtown too late to go to the gym but too early to want to work.
Yesterday I declared it the official first day of complaining about the heat and humidity.  Well, the heat was lovely but the humidity had my hair feeling like this woman's.  Thank goodness it didn't get quite so big but it sure felt like it.  Incentive to go to the gym so that I can fix it after a workout.
This past weekend we babysat and the kids were so good.  Even Charlie who got up at 4:30 on Saturday morning but had a huge smile on his face.  Couldn't do it everyday but he made such an early morning a lot of fun.  Babysitting was followed up by strawberry picking with Steph and Jonathan, much strawberry eating and a very warm run.


Sunday, Jonathan and I biked to Landsdowne to see how long it would take to get to Steph's and to spend some time outside on such a gorgeous day.  We couldn't believe that we got all the way there and figured out we had both forgotten to bring our keys for our locks so we couldn't do any exploring.  Lunch at Kettlemans was great though.  We enjoyed our ride along the canal.  A three hour tour that was filled with baby ducks, runners, walkers, rollerbladers, gorgeous scenery, a few too many hills (at least we thought so after a few hours) and great conversation.

Yesterday I was waiting for the bus to go home and a woman (yes woman, not girl) was looking at her phone and twirling.  She would twirl a few times one way and then make her way back twirling the other way.  It was very odd but made me laugh.  I think she wanted everyone to see her booty shorts in action.

Well since I have now made use of the "too early to want to work" time, it is actually time to get down to business.  One more sleep until my dinner with Brenda and I really looking forward to it.  It has been far too long.


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