Post-Canada Day Tid Bits - and a big thanks to all my peeps

Thank you, thank you.  I have reached 2015 page view and since this is 2015 I am pretty excited about it.  I hope that I can continue to find fun fodder to keep you all entertained.
Did you all have a great Canada Day?  Hope so.  Interesting weather day.  We were very lucky and got home and in the door just before the deluge hit.  We wandered around downtown for a couple of hours and I have to say it was a tad disappointing on the "fashion watch" front.  There were the usual women who wore far too little in the way of clothing and one man who looked like Captain Canada with bat wings made out of flags but overall, a pretty quiet "what not to wear" day.  On the way in this morning though I did see a man wearing a very shiny pair of grey dress pants. The shine was almost as ....well, shiny as the satin on the back of his vest.  Is he hoping the 80's were coming back perhaps?
A big shout out to the Dairy Farmers of Canada for the delicious (and free) cheese curds from St. Albert Cheese Factory.  They are definitely one of our favourite annual traditions.

Even though I was told not to post this (maybe he won't see it), we had a good laugh at Jonathan getting wanded...seriously wanded.  The guy took so long doing it that I had time to get my phone out of my backpack, turn it on and then take pictures.  Dude, what exactly were  you looking (hoping) for?

Back home in time to put in a couple of hours of work (yes, work!) and then a nice BBQ with the kids before Steph and Arun headed downtown to watch fireworks and Jonathan headed to a friends to watch Barrhaven fireworks. 
It was a very sad morning having to come to work but I do have a nice lunch with an old friend tomorrow to look forward to.
Enjoy the sun today folks, who knows how long we'll have it around this time.


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