It may have been raining for the last leg of my bike ride this morning but as I passed City Hall I could smell bacon.  There is nothing that compares to the smell of bacon.  Then there was the smell of campfire.  I love the smell of campfires.  Had to Google it but Ribfest is taking place this weekend at Festival Plaza outside City Hall.  Smells amazing.

My building had to put up a sign on a bike in the lock up saying that it had come to their attention that it has been there for 4 months and will be removed as this is not a storage facility.  Did the owner forget he/she biked into work on day?

Name of the Day:  Burtley.

Fashion Faux Pas of the (yester)day:  There were two.  Wearing a one shoulder top and having your tan lines from your bathing suit top show.  Looks ridiculous.

Second:  Wearing an undershirt under your bra.  Why??  A woman at the gym was doing that and I'm pretty sure my miniature golf face registered how silly that seemed.  Must watch the face.

Bit of a rainy ride in this morning but that was ok, I like the rain.  Had to borrow a towel from the gym to get back to my building after I changed though as  it was pouring.  The flowers, trees and grass are going to be so happy.

Have a splashy day everyone!!


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