Going Green

TGIF – a truer acronym has never been said.  My body is so happy that I took the bus today and didn’t make it peddle the bike.  My legs (and the rest of me) are pretty tired so it will be a caffeine filled day (with maybe a run at lunch if the sun is shining because really, if the sun is out we should be too).
I’m very happy that Steph and Arun finally made it home.  I hope they enjoy the zucchini from my garden even though a small member of the wildlife kingdom in our yard nibbled on it.  Bunny, squirrel, chipmunk, who knows.
I have been putting chlorophyll in my biking water this week (because a nutritionist said it’s a good thing) and one of the lawyers saw it and said that he was going to watch to see if I grew vines. 

Think I should put a plant on my head and go see him – hahaha.  About that eye shadow???
Looking forward to a bike to Steph’s for tea tomorrow and on Sunday the contractor comes by to finish up the fireplace, the stairs and change up the rest of our door handles.  Of course, then I won’t have any excuse not to do the painting.  Well, summer is short and it shouldn’t be wasted indoors so maybe in September….
I hope you all have wonderful plans for the weekend and that your day goes swiftly.


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