Words of Wisdom...errr....Wednesday

Glad I went out on Monday night to get lights for my bike.  It was a foggy start to my ride in on Tuesday.  Worth getting trapped in Canadian Tire during the fierce 10 minute storm on Monday night.
Ahhh, this is the life.  Oh, you thought I meant the boats out on the Canal.  No, I meant the bike ride to work - lol.

One of my favourite sights (not the locks) on the morning commute.  Didn't take long for the fog to go away.

Isn't this fantastic?  Steph and Arun brought me back a chocolate bar.  Apparently it means stupid.  Now, along with my first favourite "bless her heart" I can now add that someone is stunned as me arse!  Bet I can use it many times in a day.  Thanks kids.

The heat of the week has brought out so many shirtless men.  I have to say that 90% of the one’s along the canal are pretty buff.  Not quite Thor, but working on it.  The others, well…if I have to see another guy who looks 9 months pregnant and is shirtless who knows what I may do.  Picture this guy running towards you.  Horrifying isn’t it.  Really, please, please, please, put on a shirt when you are running.

There was an older woman early this week that was out for a lunch time run in her white running t-shirt and no bra.  I really don’t get this.  It has to be uncomfortable for her and certainly uncomfortable for those of us on the receiving end of flappiness.

Then there was the woman at the gym who, good on her for coming to the gym, is quite large and was wearing bloomers.  Where do you even get those?  She didn’t seem in a very good mood either.  Is that because she was at the gym or because she had to wear bloomers.

I came out by the horse farm on Woodroffe on Monday after work and low and behold who is roller blading but a guy who, unfortunately was not Chris Hemsworth, but certainly was worthy of a huge sigh on my part.  Thanks for the view and the smile.

I have had a week of water bottle holder failures which makes me sad.  Yesterday it fell apart just as I was turning onto Merivale Road on the way to work and I had to litter.  Litter Bug!  I hated to do it but I had to leave my lovely bottle of ice cold water (with chlorophyll) on the side of the road because I had no way of carrying it.  I’m sorry environment.
Best news of the week:  We pummelled stupid, annoying neighbour Frank.  Remember Frank of the huge tower to Mars?  He apparently talks (or we think he does) to extra-terrestrials through his tower that rivals the ones for airplanes.  He has wires running all over the place and whirly gigs and crap.  Unfortunately by-law told us years ago that even though it is huge and unsightly they can’t do anything about it.

Frank doesn’t like one of our trees in the backyard because it gets black knots on it.  The tree is full and happy but Frank has a tree hate on and has for years.  He decided to get the people behind us wound up and called City By-Law on us saying that the tree was a hazard and gave his tree a disease.  By-law came and told us that the tree had to come down.  We said, oh no, we want the city arborist to come and assess it first. Monday by-law chick comes back (and brought her attitude) with the arborist but hey, no Frank.  He didn’t show like he was supposed to.  Too bad because it would have been great to see his face when the arborist said that the tree is healthy and will continue to be for years and years to come.  All we have to do is trim off some of the knots and not cut too much because the arborist said that we would cause it unnecessary pain.  He told the other neighbour and the by-law chick that it was a hazard because “what if some kid decided to chew on a knot or a berry that fell off of the tree”.  The arborist said that’s not our problem unless it happens in our yard.  To each yard is his own liability so chow down Frank and leave my tree alone.  What kid would chew on a chunk of tree?  Everyone I know with kids actually watches them to make sure they don’t put things in their mouths that shouldn’t be there.  As well, whatever it is that our tree has did not cause the disease on his tree because they are not the same tree.  Wonder if Frank will have to get rid of his tree.  Not that I wish a tree a death but Frank on the other hand….

Staying in the gym at lunch today and can’t wait to see what I may have been missing.  Stay tuned.


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