Gorgeous day, gorgeous weekend....Doing my happy dance

I hope you all are doing a happy dance too.  We are having Eddie and Charlie over for a sleepover tonight so my fingers are crossed that today will be a MUCH quieter work day than the rest of the week has been.  Tomorrow is our first round of strawberry picking too.  Mmmmmm.

Today's fashion faux pas....a woman got on the bus this morning with white velour pants on...they were too thin on top of being velour!!

Yesterday my bus ride home was ....hmmmm....interesting is a good word I suppose.  I was on one of the three side facing seats and who should come along to join me but Betty the Bus Rider.  Betty scooched, squeezed and shimmied her way into the seat beside me which caused me to be a little tilted for the ride home.  At the next stop another Betty decided to join us and she scooched, squeezed and shimmied into the seat beside Betty Number 1.  I can only guess that she continued to schooch and shimmy because Betty Number 1 got very angry with her and told her to stop.  There was a small verbal battle that ensued.  Personally, I had no room in which to move let alone scooch so I'm not sure what Betty Number 2 was up to.  I was greatful when Betty Number 2 got off although it did not encourage Betty Number 1 to move over any which meant that I had some maneuvers to do to disengage myself from my seat when it was time for me to get off.

Every day is such an adventure.

Have a wonderful, sunny weekend my friends.


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