Wednesday - what a great day

WEDNESDAY - middle of the week - half way to the weekend - gorgeous weather day
Checked my garden this morning and my lily is so gorgeous.  Smells amazing too.  I wish I could put this on my desk at work.
This is one of my favourite spots on my bike ride to work.  Carleton U is behind me and across the canal is the Central Experimental Farm.  The little bridge is so pretty and the water is like glass.
I think with the sun shining and it being less hot and humid it made everyone (well, almost everyone) much happier because there were a lot more smiles on the trip in.  Or maybe they read my previous blog where I told them to enjoy their morning commute.

This is the little bridge that connects Ottawa U with Queen Elizabeth Parkway.  Seems that the students have followed what people in Paris did and have put their locks on the bridge.  Now in Paris they had to remove the locks because it was wrecking the bridge.  Wonder how long it will take the City of Ottawa to follow suit.

Two final comments before I (reluctantly) get working:  Ladies (yes, you who are over 30 and should know better), please, please, please stop wearing thin, see through white pants and coloured underwear.  So WHAT NOT TO WEAR!   Oh, and on that note, I have found a new mission for when I retire (in case the private detective plan doesn't work out).  I am going to have my own show or blog or something called WHAT NOT TO WEAR:  The Reclining Years.  I think that I can  discuss how older women either wear teenage clothing or stuff that is way too old for them.  Maybe I can get Clinton on board with this.
Now I have a problem with so many people not wearing bike helmets but I have to let it go and realize that they just don't care enough about themselves to protect their heads.  This morning though, I saw a man riding his motorcycle wearing flip flops.  Really!  I had visions of a stump of leg with no foot attached.  I guess he feels that he is invincible and doesn't need to protect his toes.

Ok, off to work.   Have a fantabulous day everyone.


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