Well, technically its the first day of Spring but in reality.....

I got a card this morning that says that Jump 106.9 is looking for a new morning co-host.  Oh, I could so do that job.  Don't you agree?  I could get everyone's day off to a great start.  Shoes, humour, fashion tips, good music...should I audition?

I hope that everyone has exciting plans for the weekend and that today goes by swiftly so we can get to it all that much sooner.

Carolyn and I will be celebrating the second day of Spring with manicures and a trip to Ikea.  Nothing says Spring like mani's and meatballs.  I am looking forward to an evening run tonight before our 3 cm of snow tomorrow...did someone say Spring?

Monday is a day with the kids.  We are going to tour the new St. Albert Cheese Factory and indulge in all things cheesy.

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend everyone.


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