Monday's should always begin with new shoes.

Is today a holiday and no one told me?  I drove in this morning and there was hardly any traffic on the Queensway.  What gives?  My Monday started with a mamogram.  Ladies, you know there is no better way to start the day than being squished and squeezed by someone with cold hands into a cold machine.  Yee Haw!

My weekend was filled with cleaning and shopping.  I'm almost on a first name basis with the folks at Home Depot.  I learned what a door jam is - who knew?  It took two moppings to get the sawdust, etc. off of the new floors.  My thanks to Steph for her suggestion on a good mop.  Since the contractors are back this weeks to install new doors and a cupboard there will be much more cleaning to be done later this week.  It will be nice to put everything back where it belongs....when I figure out where I hid everything of course.

I spent an hour yesterday waiting to get my car washed as I'm sure a lot of you also did.  It's such a shame that the minute you leave the car wash the dirt comes back.  It is nice though to get within a foot of the car and not have salt and grime jump onto my coat.

I spent some quality time with my lovely new chair in front of the fireplace.  Unfortunately we ran out of flooring and it will be a couple of weeks before it is completely finished but until then, it is really gorgeous.  I can't wait to look for a fun rug for the living room now.

I get to meet with a CRA auditor today...its been a while...not that I miss it - lol.

 Happy Monday Everyone.


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