Are they to be believed?

Can we trust the weather folks?  They say that we'll have a high of 6 degrees today.  Really?  Should we get our hopes up again?  Could Spring really have sprung? Should we think of putting our winter coats away or be safe and leave them in the cupboard until June just to be sure that it won't get to -27 like it was on Monday?

I have to admit that yesterday turned out to be a fabulous running day.  I went out at 1:00 for a run and had forgotten to bring gloves and really didn't need them.  Tucked my hands inside my sleeves for about half of the run and then was fine afterwards.  You know, I just don't get it.  I run and while its not a permanent fixture on my face, I do smile a lot.  There is a lot to smile about.  The snow is melting, the sidewalks are clear, the view behind the Parliament buildings is gorgeous. People are out walking and running.  Not one person yesterday did the hand wave.  Usually at least one or two runners will acknowledge you when you run, but not yesterday.  Do I scare them because I'm smiling and they are scowling?  What are you scowling at?  If you don't like running why do you?

I'm hoping that the rain they are predicting this afternoon won't happen too early but I will admit, I love a good run in the rain...although it is much nicer in July and August.

So, I'm in the huge line this morning to shove my way onto the bus (because everyone shoves) and I just get my arms in the back door to haul myself up and the doors close.  Let me tell you, these are not like elevator doors that will open when they sense something in their way.  They close.  EXCUSE ME MR. BUS OPERATOR - are you not looking in your mirrors?  Do you not see me?  I'm not that small (wish I was) that I could be mistaken for air.  You can see me if you look!!  And they wonder why they have a bad rep.

It isn't long until the next bus comes and unfortunately it is too crowded to get a seat so I'm left people watching....which is pretty fun actually.  Today was bad hair day.  There was a young lady who looked like she had a bad night which must have led to a bad morning because a comb or a brush or even her fingers had not touched her hair and it was a disaster.  Another woman just scrunched her's back with a clip.  Let me tell you, that doesn't hide the fact that you haven't done a darn thing with your hair.

Two university students were talking (loudly) and had a very good idea.  They suggested that since we are all well aware of the Presto system on the bus that they should stop advertising it on their messages on the front of the bus.  Instead, put jokes.  That would make people much happier when they see a bus going by them than what is currently there.  I should email OC Transpo and suggest it.  Oh, that's right, they don't look at their emails.  Apparently emails to OC Transpo go into a black hole never to be responded to.  Oh so bitter.

Today is the last day of contractor renovations!!!  Yah, can't wait to get the house back in order.  We have a lot of little things to do but the floors will be done, the doors are installed, the fireplace hearth will be done....let the painting begin :).

Have a great day everyone.


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