Friday at last

Looks like we end the week on another freezing note.  This cold is getting quite boring and needs to stop.  I found this picture of traction control for heels.  I wish I had known about this before because I could have been wearing my heels all winter - well, except that my feet would have frozen.  Think how great I'd look going for a walk on the Canal with a fabulous pair of heels on.

I had to stand yet again on the bus this morning which gave me time to people-watch.  I don't know if you've ever noticed but on the double decker busses the drivers are enclosed.  I started to think that their enclosure is just like those walk in bathtubs.  Now I wouldn't want my bus driver to be this relaxed and I'd also be super jealous if he was enjoying a nice warm, bubbly ride when I was trying to stay warm and not flail around while the bus goes around corners, but it made for a fun thought this morning.

One of the women I was standing near had the most fabulous shade of lipstick on.  Would it have been rude of me to ask her what kind and shade it was?  Maybe next time.

My final "have  you ever noticed" for today is the handicapped stickers on the windows of the bus.  They aren't stick figures but they are cartooney.  I noticed this morning that the majority of the people shown don't have any ankles.  The only one that did was a guy in a wheelchair.  Mind you, there was a blind man with a dog in front of him but the dog blocked his ankles (if he actually had any).

Can you tell it was a long bus ride - LOL.

I'm off to Richmond this evening to babysit my little buddy Charlie.  Can't wait.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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