So far its been a humourous kind of day

There was a woman on the bus this morning who had this exact face.  Could it be because she didn't do the laundry and only had a pair of snakeskin pants to wear.  Let me just say, once you have grey hair you should not wear snakeskin, leopard, cheetah, giraffe, cow or any other animal pants.
Last night I had an appointment to get new orthotics.  They WILL help my running career begin again.  Be positive!  This was a very thorough appointment that involved walking and running on a treadmill while being videotaped.  While I have to say that I have superior posture and he said my gait and arm swing were just right...THE SIZE OF MY BUTT!  Hello Kardashian clan, do you have room for one more ginormous butt?  To see it in slow motion while running is not a pretty sight.  I hear you laughing.   I am also laughing but will be going to the gym and working on that part of my anatomy a whole lot more.  Sheesh.  Life lesson here is:  Do not let anyone videotape you from behind.


  1. do not have a ginormous butt! I agree with the animal print comment LOL


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