Oh, I forgot....NO PANTS!!

I'm biking home yesterday near Dow's Lake and there are a bunch of people out yachting (well, no yachts really) but there was a couple in a canoe.  They looked like a nice couple as far as I could tell from a distance.  The woman was wearing a black top………………..AND NO PANTS!  She was bent over changing positions in the canoe and it seriously looked like she had no pants on.  There was a man biking towards me and he did the same head swivel because  she appeared to HAVE NO PANTS ON. 
Do you not look at yourself in the mirror at the store when trying pants on and realize that they are very close to the colour of yourself which could lead people to think that YOU ARE WEARING NO PANTS?
It was all a bit disconcerting but certainly gave me lots to think about as I was fighting with the damned wind on the way home.  Stupid wind!!
This just made me laugh.  Duck butt and owls, doesn’t take much to make me laugh I guess.
I am getting a bit of pressure headache today and I have to say, this kind of makes me a little sick too - lol.


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