And the word of the day is Hakunamasquata

Another SpectacularHotSweatyAwesomeWishIWasatTheBeach day.

Ladies, I have to tell you that you are missing a lot of shirtlessness along the canal these days.  Maybe you all want to chip in and get me a Go Pro camera for my bike helmet so you can see some of the glistening awesomeness going on out there.  Just putting it out there.

Yesterday there was a couple sitting on a bench along the canal with a picnic basket and they were enjoying a glass of wine (in real glasses).  Nice way to end a day.  Steph, you need a picnic basket to go with your new blanket.  Next was a man playing his guitar while sitting on a bench. He should have moved to a closer bench so he could serenade the couple.  Mind you, I had my headphones in so he could have been playing something horrible for which they would be grateful not to have to hear.  Then much glistening shirtlessness.  Wish I could have done the same myself this morning.  Whew but it was a sweaty ride.  The sun came out just as I got to Carleton University and it was spectacular…I should get out the thesaurus to find other words for spectacular but it really was.  Made me smile.

Can I just take a moment to rant about insurance companies?  Apparently we have to pay for a drivers abstract for Jonathan in order to insure him.  Seriously!!  What a money grab on the part of the government and the insurance companies.

My bike commute rant for this week is that last night on the sweaty, hot ride home I was about to turn right and another biker decided to pass me ON THE RIGHT.  Are you an idiot?  Well, apparently you are.  If I hadn’t have noticed we would have crashed.  Dolt!!

Happy news for me this week is that I am down 15 pounds – yee haw.  I can actually see some of my muscles again.  I’ve missed them J.

I have been powering through ab work this week and every time I cough today I could cry.  YOWCH.  No pain, no gain, right?

Almost time for me to head out for a very hotsweatywishIwasatthebeach bike ride home.  If you see a puddle on the side of the road later it will probably be me.

This will definitely be me when I get home.  My bottle of ice melts very quickly in this weather and becomes a bottle of hot water....ewww.



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