A much better use of the F word is Friday.

Looks like today will be a gloomy day but hey, it is Friday.


Anyone want to start wagering on whether we’ll see any actual rain?  The bus driver had the wipers on this morning but I didn’t see a drop of moisture anywhere.  Wishful thinking on his part?  Maybe.


I had a lovely uneventful ride home yesterday and managed fine with just one brake.  Looks like the poor bike will have to go back for another tune up.  Stupid damned driver.  I’m hoping that my front tire is just out of alignment and that I don’t need a new rim.  I keep thinking that this makes it twice that I have been hit by a car when I haven’t been in my car.  I wonder if it will be “three’s a charm”.  I hate to think about getting too hurt but hey, if could get a nice settlement I could retire.  I won’t hope for it because hey, bad luck follows me or as Richard has mentioned, I’m a shit magnet and goodness only knows I wouldn’t actually be able to enjoy my riches.  They even have official t-shirts.  I should order one.  Hey kids, maybe for my birthday - lol.


Doesn’t this guy look like a perfect lawyer who will get you $$’s? 


My wings are pretty tired today.  Feel like I bench pressed Shemar Moore.  Not a bad thing to think about actually – lol.

Why not again?

I brought in a carrot cake to work today and it felt like I was carrying a huge weight.  Glad that sore arms are the only problem.


I’d love to be just like this guy today and lounging around.

Have a fun filled weekend everyone.



And let me tell you, I used the F word a lot this week :)


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