The things you see at the gym.

After yesterday’s whining and crying (me and my legs) because it was so windy and biking home was exhausting, I took the bus today.  There was whining but no crying because it was so humid and it only took moments to get “humid hair”.  I know that so many of you can relate.  The good part is that I can sit on the way to work but not often do I get a seat on the way home.

I went to the gym at lunch to make up for not biking.  The Stairmaster is a suitable punishment for not biking or running.  Let me digress a moment, I went to the gym the other day and wanted to ride a bike but there were two people using them….or so I thought.  The man was actually pedalling but the woman just sat there.  They were talking to the Gym Guy.  I don’t know if Gym Guy is a personal trainer or he just hangs about offering assistance and talking to people (and apparently getting paid for it).  Anyhow, I was sad that I couldn’t bike so I got on the Stairmaster.  I am watching the woman and for the entire 20 minutes (which is a lifetime on that machine) she didn’t bike.  She did get off after about 15 minutes and just stand beside it.  What the hell woman!!!  Could you not have stood on the other side so that someone could use the bike?  That was bad enough (but it gave me extra motivation to work harder so I wouldn’t yell at her) but Gym Guy kept looking over at me (the Stairmaster is very close to the bikes).  Now, was he wondering who I was since I haven’t actually used the gym part of the gym before, just the change room?  Was he thinking that I had great form?  Maybe he was thinking that there is no way this old woman is going to make it long on that machine.  Well I showed him.  I went 20 minutes and worked up a fine sweat and then I did weights.  Of course, because he would look over occasionally I had to put extra effort into it.

So today I go to the gym and again get on the Stairmaster (stairway to hell is my pet name for it) and Gym Guy is there again.  Today he wasn’t talking to anyone but the entire 20 minutes (yes, I made it again!) he was lying on an exercise ball just like in this picture.  And you get paid for this?  Now my next-next-next life I want this job.  The next life I want to be a private detective and the next-next one I want to have a party business.

So after I do my thing I head to the change room to shower and change.  I go to dry my hair and there is a woman standing in front of the mirror with her shoes on the counter (the counter where we put our stuff I might add) blow drying her shoes while she looks at her phone.  Now I know why I always put a paper towel down before I put my brush or anything else on the counter.  Why she couldn’t blow dry her shoes while they were on the floor is anyone’s guess.  I’d say it is unbelievable what people will do but actually, it is totally believable.

And that is my story for today….at least so far J

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