Makes me smile every time

Duck Butt

Every time I see this it makes me smile.  Gorgeous morning.

I think that the hardest thing in the morning is walking up from the parking garage to the second floor where the gym is and this morning was no exception.  Just as a woman and myself got to the door to the stairwell open on 2 the fire alarm goes off.  It was a very big woop woop which I don't recall hearing before.  We stood there panting and waiting for instructions and then were told to leave the building.  Most of the people standing outside were from the gym or bikers which I thought was pretty funny.  We did get to see two fire trucks worth of firefighters though which kind of made the thought of walking up the stairs again not so painful.  I'm positive that one of the firefighters was looking right at me when he indicated that we could go inside.  I'm going to take that on a positive note and not that he thought that I really, really needed a shower - lol.

Yesterday I got out for a short run at lunch.  Second run in two days.  We won't even discuss my inner thigh pain.  Boy, you don't run for a while and your body sure makes you know it.

What a view!

These kayaks were so colourful and they were having fun in the rapids

I was thinking as I was running behind Parliament that maybe I should go up the new stairs for an extra burning workout but I was really happy when I got to the stairs and found that they are still closed. :)

Saturday was the first strawberry picking day.  What a haul.  They were humongous and delicious and I can't wait to get more.  The weekend was filled with yummy jam and strawberry shortcake.

For those that may have missed our Carleton Place Canada Day fun, here are the pictures.

Ms. Carleton Place?

We got to play with the jaws of life - fun!
 I got a personal tour of this woman's yard.  She had a lot of "interesting" things in her back garden.


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