How I got to be a shit magnet.

What a week and still another day to go.  It has been a good one for the most part.  Not too windy on my rides home for a change.  One day I even made it to work in 1:05.  That’s 3 minutes better than ever.  I think its because I had a diet ginger ale for breakfast instead of tea.  I'll have to recreate that and see if I can do it again.
Lots of sights and sounds on my journey’s.  I wish I could remember all of the things I think about on my rides so I could share.  I need a form of recording device that I can clip on to make myself notes.

Yesterday morning was lovely and yet there were so many grumpy faces along the way, bikers and runners.  Come on folks, the weather is pretty spectacular and the view along the Canal is great.  What’s not to smile about?
I was pretty pleased with myself yesterday because I had been passed by so many guys who, as usual, seemed like they were going along effortlessly and then I found an older lady to pass.  Go me!!

One morning (they are all blending together now) I saw a shirtless guy.  Now, there are actually quite a few shirtless guys out running but most are not noteworthy.  I only saw this one from the back but it was a pretty spectacular back – sweaty sheen, rippling muscles.  I need to learn to ride slower so that the view lasts longer.

Just because....mmmm
I wonder what would happen if I had a shirtless day?

I have a new Instagram follower.  Her site says:  Hi I’m Erin.  I need a man for meetings!  Check out my private photos.  I’ll wait for you. 
Really, what kind of meetings do you go to Erin?  I can only imagine what her “private” photo’s entail.  But thanks for being a follower.

So, why was the week only mostly good? I had a doctor’s appointment this morning so I biked to Carling Avenue and it was a pleasant ride.  Did the doctor thing and was biking to work on a pretty nice route by Westboro.  I had to turn on Bronson to get to Laurier and the bike lanes and the block before my turn the traffic was stopped and I was crossing the intersection and an idiot turned left through the cars, didn’t look or slow down and I hit his passenger door.  Good thing I put the brakes on so I didn’t hit it too hard but I did the slow motion falling thing (at least it felt like that).  I tried to keep my bike upright but was failing and a nice man came and grabbed it.  The idiot got out of his car and explained that he didn’t see me.  Well, let’s just say that I had a few choice words for him and explained to him that maybe if he stopped and checked before proceeding through cars he couldn’t see around he wouldn’t risk killing bikers and small children!!!  I am fine and after many wonderful bystanders came by to check on me I got on the bike to finish going to work.  Immediately realized that my chain had come off.  Got off and tried to put it on.  Do you know how greasy those things are?  Gross.  I couldn’t do it and a wonderful City worker bee came over and helped put it back on.  Thanked him profusely, told off the driver (again) and started to bike again.  Got a foot and realized that my handlebars were crooked.  Worker bee to the rescue again.  Finally, got started and turned onto Laurier and realized my seat was crooked.  Good thing I could fix that myself.  Another block and my back brake handle on the handlebars broke.  Well now I’m super pissed because I never got his contact info.  I’m blaming it on being a bit dazed.  I think he should have offered it but that would be the sensible thing to do, right?  My only wish is that it won’t take long to fix because I really NEED to bike.
Anyhow, as Richard so kindly pointed out, I appear to be a shit magnet.  I am going to have a t-shirt made with that on it.
Good thing I am mostly on a bike path for my one-brake journey home.  Bussing it tomorrow. Hopefully it will be more of a fun sightseeing adventure.
In case anyone is wondering about my pothole situation, I checked and the complaint that I put in on June 17th still hasn’t been dealt with.  Guess it’s time to send a complaint to Jan Harder.
And last but not least, I went to the most fun store to get wedding/shower presents the other day and you should make time to visit.  It has fantastic handcrafted stuff.



  1. Hey my first shout out in a blog post! If you need your bike fixed you should try Velofix...they will come to you.


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