Summer isn't ever going to end is it?

What a great day – wish I was at the beach.  So what’s new in my sad old life you ask?  You asked!  I heard you.  I suppose really my life isn’t old but apparently my body thinks it is and I realize now why old people use up all our OHIP.  It’s because we break down on a weekly basis it seems and we need to see the doctor for continual tune ups.

I’ve had a squiggly line and a shadow on one of my eyes for a few days now and it has been really annoying so I went to the eye doctor.  Turn out that I have to go to the Retina Centre to have it lasered.  The upside of this is that because there was actually something wrong with my eye I didn’t have to pay to $55 fee, it is covered by OHIP.  Lasers are about the only thing I haven’t experienced in the last two years and I’m not sure I will like it.  Googling pictures of laser eye surgery showed way too many gross things and once I got to this pic I couldn’t look at any more.  The doctor said that it would take a few weeks to get an appointment but they called and wanted to see me today.  I rode my bike today so that was out but tomorrow is the day.  I thought of driving but I think that I might hurt someone if I attempt it after having icky drops put in my eye.  On the plus side I get to take the bus down Carling Avenue to work and that bus is especially interesting so look forward to blog items about the sea of humanity I anticipate seeing.  Hmmm, I wonder if they could use the laser on some of the lines on my face…I’ll have to ask J.

My bike ride to the doctor yesterday was a lovely change of pace (well, change of sides on the Canal).  I went through the Experimental Farm and got stuck in a cow traffic jam.  Now I know how the cows get across the road.  I’m still hoping to figure out how the cows get across the road at Prince of Wales and Fallowfield someday.  That is a very busy road and cows are not the speediest of creatures.

After the eye doctor I went down Greenbank and through the farm there and got to see deer.  Its been a while since I’ve spotted them.  They got a little camera shy but what a spectacular sunset that shows.

I also got to see a great sunset which goes with the great sunrise yesterday.  Far too long a day but I got a lot of fresh air and exercise and its helping with my healthy eating plan.
This morning I was a little behind schedule but the sunrise was spectacular.  The sun was so red (not that the picture captured it) and there was a lot of fog on the fields.  I could spend all day taking pictures.  It was much warmer this morning too which was nice.  I’m really looking forward to my ride home tonight.  The Weather Network says it feels like 35° right now.  Maybe I should take the Parkway home and stop in at the beach for a dip.  I suppose I could go for a dip at Mooney’s Bay also.  Will have to see just how sweaty a ride it turns out to be.


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