I feel like a weather evangelist

Do you get tired of me pointing out what beautiful weather we are having?  I hope not because it just keeps continuing.  We won’t discuss last weekend’s weather except to say that it helped bring back the green.
I am sad that it is chilly in the mornings and I’m going to need gloves for biking soon but the afternoons are amazing so it’s all worth it.  Keep summer coming.

This morning’s commute took a bit longer than usual because I had to keep stopping to take pictures to capture the gloriousness of the day.  Maybe I should get one of those cameras for the top of my helmet.  When I see people with them I feel like I should sit up straighter on my bike and smile just in case they are capturing me.  I really hope its not when my face is all scrunched up trying to bike in the hurricane-like winds….I imagine that it’s not a pretty sight.

Fallowfield Rd.

Prince of Wales in the distance

Dows Lake

Kayaking at Dows Lake...what an awesome way to start the day.

Gorgeous morning for a ballon ride...if you don't think about falling.
I broke down yesterday and bought pantyhose.  I know, I know, it’s far too soon to think about encasing our bodies in sausage like materials….unless you are Kim Kardashian of course.  They were on sale and I won’t be wearing them for a long while yet but just buying them gave me shivers.
Last Saturday was such a successful day, especially if you are MasterCard.  It started out with a trip to the Tanger Mall to the Nine West outlet.  I found these fabulous black shoes.  They are super comfortable and oh so stylish.  It’s a good thing that I was on a tight time limit or I would have just kept shopping but I was off to pick up Stephanie for my birthday present.

We went to painting class through PaintNite.               https://www.paintnite.com/
We had a lovely time and both made amazing works of art if I do say so myself.  All those years of doing crafts with the kids paid off J.

I finished off my day with a quick trip to RW&Co. for a lovely Fall sweater and a gorgeous blue suit.  I LOVE SALES!  I bet none of you knew that.
Sunday was a good day for a bike/run with Jonathan.  It was just spitting rain when we headed out but then turned into a downpour but those are fun to run in.  I ran 5km in 37 minutes which I think isn’t too shabby considering it has been a long time since my last run.  Monday my foot was very sore but I think I’ll do fine at the Army Run this weekend which is all that matters.  Got to get those dog tags.  Hmmm, what to wear next Monday morning to go with the dog tags?  I’ll have to think about that one.

I noticed my basil plant on the back porch on Sunday is the size of a small tree.  I think I’ll bring it in and see if it will grow as big as the fig tree we used to have.  I wonder how big the largest basil plant in history was?  Google it.  I’ll let you know if I succeed.
Yesterday’s office question of the day:  “Do you have garlic?”  Hmmmm, not on me…..  Not something I keep in my desk but I’m thinking of getting one of the ropes of garlic and hanging it on my office doors.  Wonder who it will keep away.

Weird wonder of yesterday:  I was in the washroom and a woman came in and went in the stall beside me.  There was also a woman on the other side of her.  I heard “Hey you” from the newest bathroom attendee.  Was she talking to me?  To the person on the other side?  Was she on her phone?  Did she see a bug?  Is she talking to herself?  Is she nuts?  Turns out that it was grumpy cat woman…remember her.  Well you can be sure she wasn’t talking to me because she just gives me her grumpy cat face when I see her.  Must have ticked her off in a previous life.

Get out at lunch today folks and enjoy our summery weather.
The Bike Babe….hahahahaha…..I should have a t-shirt made.


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