Friday, sunshine, heat and a long is good.

It is back to ugly black flats today so I thought I'd put in a picture of a fun pair of shoes that I would wear if I could.  Polka dots always make me smile.
The day could only be better if I was not working but hey, I’ll take it anyways.  Gorgeous day.  Did you hear?  In Calgary it is 4° today.  Highs of 7° and 9° this weekend.  We are so lucky here.

So, any of you go to the AC/DC concert last night?  I hear from my sources that there was some interesting attire out there.   Leather corsets, devil horns and old leathery ladies a source quoted J.  I should have set up a chair along Bank Street to watch the parade.  I saw a few at Fallowfield Station after work heading downtown and there were tattoos, lots of eyeliner and dark clothing.
My favourite sighting yesterday was the guy downtown wearing a yellow t-shirt that said CLEARANCE on it.  I’ve always wanted one of the shirts they put on the manikins that says SALE but don’t think I’d be brave enough to wear it outside my house.

I went to two grocery stores yesterday to find the yogurt I like and end up buying two packages.  Do you think I could remember to bring one of them with me today?  Of course not‼  This did give me an opportunity to check out the new Sobey’s Urban Fresh store on Metcalfe Street.  Pretty nice store and their prices are reasonable.  I valiantly passed right by the free samples in the bakery department but they looked amazing and it was a struggle.  My feet got heavier and my stride got slower and I got a bit of whiplash because my head wanted to keep turned towards them – but I did it – I kept on walking.  Props for me.
My dream of retiring and becoming a world travelled blogger have been dashed.  Well, I never really dreamed of that but hey, you never know what could happen.
Get out this weekend and enjoy our gorgeous end to summer and you can fill me in next week on all the fun you had.  I will be blazing a new trail (well, it will be new territory for me) with Heather on Monday and I’m looking forward to the fresh air and exercise with company.


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