Biking on drugs?

Biking home yesterday was an interesting endeavour.  I was late leaving work so it was a different crowd that I encountered.  Lots of runners and bikers coming from Ottawa U.  It is hard getting stuck in traffic even if it is bike traffic.  I need a loud horn instead of my wimpy bell.  Maybe a megaphone.  “You may have all day to go home but I have a long way to bike so GET OUT OF MY WAY!”  Too pushy perhaps?

After getting through the throngs around Ottawa U it is a lovely ride until you get near Carleton U.  Last night I went through two different clouds of smoke….and not cigarettes.  I was wondering if I slowed down while going through the smoke would it make me want to bike faster (maybe because I’d get hungry) or slower because I’d be extra mellow.  Of course the mother in me was thinking “how can you go and do your homework if you have been smoking drugs?”
My new favourite part of the day is hitting the sauna at the gym after my morning ride.  It is so cold now that the sauna is fabulous.  The problem now is that I don’t want to get out.  I don’t think anyone from work would find me in there so it may be a good hiding spot.  Now, how to get one for at home. 

I'm the bear.

Last night I didn’t get home until 7:30 and I was freezing. A shower helped momentarily but then I had to put on multiple sweaters and a blanket to get warm. Jonathan said he found it warm out but hey, he took the bus home from school, not his bike.

Definitely on the hunt at lunch today for bike gloves.  My poor fingers don’t like the morning ride.  Hopefully something with a soft spot on the thumbs for my runny nose.  That is a thing you know.
Get out at some point today folks and enjoy the weather.  I know one lucky woman who gets to golf this afternoon (well, not lucky because I think golf is a stupid sport….can it even be called a sport when all you are doing is hitting a ball?  It’s not like you are running to the next base or anything.  Sorry golf lovers.)  Spending the afternoon outside sounds like a fabulous plan.



  1. You need gloves with a tissue holder on the top of the hand :-) It was a lovely day.... spent almost all of it outside :-)


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