Feeling Fabulous

Welcome to Wednesday.  Mid-week.  Half way to the weekend.  Feeling better yet? 
Yesterday I got to listen to college and university kids chatting on the bus and it was enlightening.  Apparently Riverfest was sick and if you meet someone who lives on res it is also sick.  My old brain figures that must be a good thing.  Hahaha.  It was nice to hear one guy tell  his friend that he was going back to Algonquin after quitting in 2011.  Good on him.

Back riding to work this morning.  Holy moly but it’s a hot one.  Started sweating after 15 minutes.  Ever get that mustache sweat followed by the chin sweat?  Makes me feel so glamorous.  Actually it was kind of sweaty riding in but it was when I stopped in the parking garage that it was like being dumped on with a bucket of water….hot water.  Super lovely feeling.  I was “glistening” J.

I have been debating on whether I should become the Maxine of Biking.  I was stopped at a light and looked over at the car beside me and the guy was eating cereal.  That is a two handed job which leaves none on the wheel.  I really wanted to give the guy a lecture on getting out of bed 5 minutes earlier so he could eat his cereal at home.  Then there were the bikers who didn’t have lights or reflectors on the back of their bikes.  The sun was just coming up this morning when I started out and it really isn’t safe to not have something on the back of your bike.  I wonder how long it would take for me to get beat up if I started calling people out on their stupidity.

Crossing over to the gym I saw an older woman who was wearing a sweater and knitted gloves.  Is this the new way to kill yourself? 

I am doing the Army Run 5K on the 20th since you can walk it.  I hope that I can do a half walk and half run because walking takes far too long.  They have a prize age category of 90 – 94.  There is hope for me winning a prize eventually‼
Week 4 of healthy eating and I’m down 12.8 pounds.  Feeling Fabulous!  Looking forward to the weather cooling down a bit so I can get out my fabulous fall wardrobe….just not too soon.  The humidity could leave, just not the heat.

Hope everyone had a great first day of school yesterday.


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