It's like I biked to the moon....and back

Red shoes are perfect for Friday.

Well, that’s what it feels like today.  I mapped out my route which works out to 23.6 km each way to work so I have biked approximately 184 km this week which explains why I almost gave up half way to work this morning.  I had it all worked out.  I would stop and lay down on a bench (thank you City of Ottawa for putting so many of them along the canal).  I just needed to find the perfect bench with a great view for when I woke up.  I would call into work and say that I was “under the weather” (well, laying under the clouds counts, doesn’t it?).  After a nap I would either bike very slowly home or even walk.    Walking couldn’t be so hard, right?  By the time I had this all figured out I was almost downtown so here I sit at my desk.  I don’t normally have cereal for breakfast but had to this morning.  Needed some carbs.  This is what I really wanted.
The morning was a pretty chilly 12°.  Each morning seems like it’s a little bit chillier.  I refuse to wear long pants even if my legs are cold for half the ride.  Each morning seems a little bit darker too which the saddest part.  Pretty soon I’m going to wrap myself in Christmas lights just to be sure to be seen.  What do you think? 


I am almost fearful of my ride home today but will fortify myself with some more carbs for lunch (healthy eating be damned‼) and since I don’t have to be home at a specific time I don’t have to rush so if I get home at midnight, well so be it.  Mind you, I feel pretty lame biking leisurely when people are whizzing past me.  This morning I felt like such an old lady because everyone whizzed past me.
I’m excited for tomorrow.  First up is sleeping in followed by a stop at the shoe store.  Steph and I are going to a painting class in the afternoon so we can create masterpieces.  Tea, art and my favourite daughter sounds like a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  Plus, I won’t feel the need to go biking tomorrow.  Sunday I may try a run.  It has to happen sometime so why not now?  Next weekend is the Army 5K so best to see how I do before that happens.  A Sunday morning with men in uniform….also a great way to start a day J.

Navy uniforms are a personal favourite which we won’t see but I thought I’d share anyways.
Time to get my tired self a cup of tea and get working.  Let’s hope the day passes quickly, the weather stays great and the weekend is filled with fun, friendship and fabulous food.


  1. Love the shoes!! Similar to the ones I want....


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