Shoes....I'm wearing real epic day

Notice the lovely sock tan - lol.

Name of the Day:  Chipman (yes, that's a first name)
I have discovered that sitting at the front of the double decker bus is really the best seat in the house.  Why you ask?  Well, you get a good view of people going up and down the stairs.  Now I will admit that at times it can be quite horrifying because some women wear dresses that are too short and I don’t think they realize (or do they?) that you can see WAY too much when they are coming and going.  You also get a good view of everyone’s footwear.  There are times that this makes me not feel quite so bad about my ugly black flats.
Yesterday I put on my little white sling backs and lasted for about 3 hours before having to put them away.  But it was three hours of foot bliss.  I felt like a stylish woman again.  I have managed to wear them almost all day today - woo hoo. Progress.

To my horror, waiting for the bus yesterday morning a woman walked by with very white Nike shoes on (with her dress) but the toes were separated.  They look so uncomfortable.  What is the purpose of this except to bring out my miniature golf face and make me goggle at you?  Are you trying to be a reindeer?  I don’t think that this will help on your application to help out Santa.  They won’t make you fly.  I would love to know what the person who invented these was thinking and what the powers that be at Nike were thinking when they decided to manufacture them.  Considering that they already have Halloween stuff out in the stores (and have for far too long if you ask me) she could probably get some antlers at the dollar store and make it an interesting ensemble.

Hoping to get to the gym today because now that I can ride a bike again I can actually get some cardio in and feel like I’m not wasting time there.  It will be nice when I can wear running shoes again and really feel like I belong J.

Have I ever mentioned the grumpy woman at my office?  She refuses to say hello unless I say it first.  This was from day one here so I don’t think it was anything I said or did other than breathing I suppose.  She was standing in the hall when I was walking by and just stared at me from above her bifocals.  This is what she looks like….really, she does.  I overheard her one day in the lunchroom talking about one of her son’s girlfriends and man, she did not like her at all.  Poor girl doesn’t stand a chance.  Not sure if any guy would be worth having her as a mother-in-law.

I was walking to the gym today and there is a guy sitting along the waterfall at 99 Bank Street and he is wearing very bright orange runners and very bright orange bike shorts.  He was not built like Lance Armstrong and he was sitting there with his manspread going on.  I have tried to remember what shirt he was wearing but seriously folks, the shorts just blanked my mind.  Oh, and there was a woman working out at the gym in a skirt.  Now I feel a bit silly wearing my ugly black flats but I have an excuse.  Wonder what her’s was.
And on a final note, I found this and can't even imagine what they were thinking.  Hussy!


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