Working it like a sausage

Awesome shoe day.  I really should have done that pedicure last night though.  Have to enjoy summery shoes as long as possible.

It is back to my high tops today because my runners are still soaking wet from my ride home in the rain yesterday.  I was even covered in gravel from it coming off of my tires.  I tried to put my gloves on this morning but they are still very wet.  All the way home all I could think of was how I wished I'd had long sleeves on.  It was toasty warm yesterday morning and I thought it was supposed to stay that way.  Today I am prepared with long pants and long sleeves and my new pink jacket.  I really wish I could have found pink high tops. (Hopefully after this weekend you'll see lovely new paint on my laundry room walls).

I have decided that the best beverage of the day is my cup of tea after biking to work, going to the gym to change and getting to the office.  I think I will have to figure out how to carry tea on my bike for when it gets really cold out.  No more ice water then.

At the gym this morning there was a woman encasing herself like a sausage.  It looked so painful to do and it certainly was to watch.  Why oh why do women do these things to themselves?  Do men put on clothes that are like a wet suit to go to the office?  Nope.  She finally got the thing pulled up enough to cover herself and then was digging around in her bag.  As I walked by her I asked if "that" was what she was looking for (it was behind her).  She'd lost one of her boobs.  Really.  They were thick foam boobs that she added to the sausage covering.  Where do you work lady?  After putting on tights for the first time this season, I totally would hate to (try to) put one of those under garments on.  I've tried pulling up my wet shorts after a pit stop during a half marathon and that's difficult to do, can't imagine a whole suit of it.

Do you know why they are so happy?  Because they finally got the darn thing on.  Of course, they need a shower now because it ws such hard work squeezing into it.

There was another Town Hall meeting on the Canal this morning.

It is going to be so boring when the geese and ducks leave town.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday.


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