A fabulous start to May


Saturday Steph, Arun, Jonathan and I headed to Wakefield to take part in the Wakefield Covered Bridge 5K run.  It was a gorgeous morning for a run and with Jonathan cheering us on, Steph, Arun and I headed out on our 5K journey.  The scenery was spectacular and there was even a band at the end of the covered bridge.  We were all greatful that our run did not start up the ski hill like the 10K run did.  Those people are nuts!

We all ran great times for our first Spring run.  We followed up our run with a trip to Wakefield, a bit of shopping at the general store and then lunch.

Thanks kids for making my official entry back into the running work so much fun.

Oh, and don't we all have amazing shoes (well, except for Jonathan - lol)


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