Moist Monday gives way to Terrific Tuesday

This was what the view was like as I waited in the rain for the bus after work yesterday.  It is pretty funny when you think of it because there is no way to see the bus numbers to know if your bus has shown up.  This was not a problem for at least 15 minutes because no buses came by.  It was raining folks, not freezing rain!  Once I was safely ensconced on the bus I was thrilled to find a seat available especially because I had to stand on the way to work.  I settled myself in my seat by the window and put my umbrella into my bag so that I wouldn't forget it.  Hey, OC Transpo, you should provide plastic umbrella bags as you get on the bus so that we don't get people wet with our umbrellas, don't you think?
So everyone gets on the bus and I feel pretty lucky to have a seat because it was standing room only and then the bus starts moving....and it starts raining on my...inside the bus....I had forgotten how fabulously constructed buses are.  So I packed myself back up and found a standing spot and stayed standing the rest of the way home.  I'm pretty sure it would be frowned upon to open your umbrella on the bus.  I know! I could use one of those Canada Day umbrella hats.  What a fashion plate I would be.
Today's lunch adventure was a lovely walk around Parliament with Gwen.  The weather is spectacular and hahahahaha, love downtown in the summer.  There is so much construction going on and all of the worker bees stop what they are doing over the lunch hour and stare at the women going by.  We are quite an assortment of women, walking, running, biking and all wearing various forms of attire.    Give it a couple of weeks and a lot of them will be wearing a lot less which will add to the worker bees viewing pleasure I'm sure. 
You sure didn't get views like this in Kanta...but I'm really missing my Nordion gang this week.  Hope you are all enjoying our spectacular weather.

The Locks behind Parliament Hill


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