Aren't Friday's the Best?

Today is my 5 momthiversary at work and I thought I’d butter up the boss with a cupcake before I asked him how I was doing.   I should have brought a lot more cupcakes in because he’s going to survey the crowd and see what the people I work with are thinking.  They keep giving me work – and holy cow there is a lot of it today – so I’m taking that as a good sign.  Remember the good old days when your probation was only 3 months long?

Yesterday was run day – it is so hard to only run every second day – and I added in a trip behind Parliament Hill to my route so that I could run up the stairs at the locks.  What an interesting adventure.  There were two young ladies behind Parliament Hill sunbathing in their bikinis.  Are they government workers?  I didn’t see any bikes to show that they came any distance.  There is no beach behind the hill.  Seriously, wouldn’t you be worried that a co-worker would see you?  Remember how I mentioned all the construction worker bees….well, they got quite a show yesterday.
After I passed the bikini babes and the worker bees, I fortified myself with some delicious cold water from the water fountain at the bottom of the hill – thanks PWC – and then approached the stairs with the same mind-set that I imagine Floyd Mayweather approached his boxing match with Pacquiao….I will not be defeated!  I rock! I will not have a cardiac arrest and embarrass myself….you get the idea.  All I have to say is thank goodness there is a big space between each staircase which gives your legs a bit of a break.  I need to get the Rocky music on my MP3 for the stairs.  Steph – can you work on that?

It is now the season that my face gets to be an especially lovely shade of red for at least an hour after I run.  I had to take off my fuchsia jacket because we clashed – lol.  Walking back to the office I passed a young gentleman who had on black leggings and beige short shorts over top.  WHY???  Such a bad look on girls let alone a guy.
Today is just a walk with a friend at lunch and since it is going to be super-HOT I can’t wait to see what fashion fails we’ll see.  I’ll bring my camera.

Hope you all have fun plans for the weekend.  I will be painting - outside if it’s nice and inside if it rains.  Fun, fun, fun.



  1. Hahahaha I hope those girls were not employees :)... Sounds like a great workout, good for you. Haven't been outside yet, so anxious to see how lovely it is.
    Have a great mother's day as well!!


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