In the pink....

What an amazing long weekend.  The weather was fabulous although we could have used a little more rain in our area.  Friday night I bought a new bike.  I was trying out the gears in the store and the sales person said that you are only supposed to change gears when the bike is in motion.  I got out of the store and got on my bike to go home and realized what she meant as the chain came off.  There is a lot of grease on chains!

Saturday Jonathan and I went for a nice long bike ride and we made it to Merivale Road when I feel off my beautiful new bike.  Took a curb at the wrong angle.  Thankfully my bike suffered no damage but I on the other hand....  some scrapes, bruises and sore muscles.  It seems that I can't go a year without falling and damaging something.  Hopefully this covers me for the rest of 2015.

Sunday was another beautiful weather day so I had to go for a long 18K run.  I would like to thank the City of Ottawa for keeping the Sportsplex open so that I could go in and have a sink bath to cool off and have a drink of water before continuing on my journey.  The most painful part was soaking my foot in ice water at the end.  It helped keep the swelling down though, so a good kind of pain I suppose.

Yesterday (after some chores and repotting plants) outside beckoned me again (sometimes there can be too many beautiful weather days in a row - lol) so out I went for a 25km bike ride.  I was about 2/3 of the way through it when the rain came.  Glad it wasn't the thunder storm they were predicting but by the time I got home I was drenched and covered in mud - there was even gravel in my hair.  A rear fender is now on my to buy list. 

The weekend ended on a relaxing and fun note with Steph and Arun coming for dinner (and bringing a delicious apple pie).   Couldn't have asked for a nicer long weekend.  I hope everyone had a great weekend as well.  And as an added bonus, its only 4 days until the next weekend.

I'm attending a cocktail party at work this way to start the week.


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