Dear Hair...why do you dislike humidity so much?

A super early start to today.  Up at 4:30 to catch a 6:00 bus to get to the hairdresser.  Seems like everytime I have a hair appointment my car is "under the weather".  Saying my prayers that it is fixed today because I really miss it.  Anyways, at the hairdressers at 6:45 (yes, she starts her day VERY early which usually is a good thing).  She made my hair look lovely for which I thank her with a lot of money.
I'm out of there at 7:40 and decide that I have time to walk the 5 blocks to the transitway.  Oh, did I mention that the Weather Networks said sunny and beautiful today?  Not sure where they got their eduction but a 5 year old could predict the weather better than they can.  I was smart and did bring an umbrella.
By the time I got downtown it had started to rain and my hair, like yesterday, was a disaster.  Quick trip to the gym to fix it and then outside to a downpour of rain!  Good thing I only have to cross the street to my building but seriously - sunny today - WHEN?
It is getting a tad embarassing to go to the gym each morning for 10 minutes and they haven't seen me otherwise for a week.  Definitely have to go at lunch today and make a workout appearance.

Day off tomorrow - YAH!  Trying to shake off a cold so that I'll have lots of energy for our weekend in Montreal.  Sightseeing, shopping (of course) and time with the family - can't ask for better.



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