Two days of fabulous shoes


It has been such a busy work week but full of fabulous shoes.  A co-worker said yesterday (orange shoes) that I had such amazing shoes and I must hear that all the time.  I said that I can never hear that enough.  Makes my credit card feel better - lol.

I went out for my first early morning - watch the sun rise - 5k run today.  Great way to start the day and fortuitous as I didn't get out for lunch.  Have I mentioned what a busy work week it is?  The rest of the month is going to be super busy but that's good.  I saw two cute bunnies this morning and got to see all of the huge construction equipment near home while it is quiet. I hear that the folks are complaining about the noise but these are probably the same people who have been complaining about traffic which is why they are turning the road into 4 lanes and they can't do that without making noise.  Greatful its nowhere near my house :).

What else is new?  Spring seems to be sneaking back after we had a cold spell earlier this week.  Hope it last for the long weekend.  Yah for long weekends even if it will be filled with painting.

I bought new slate for the fireplace hearth and hope that my contractor returns soon to finish up the work on the house.

Steph and I are busy making plans for our family trip to Quebec City this summer.  We are getting very excited.  We also have a family trip to Montreal at the end of the month so that Steph and Jonathan can go to the symphony, have shark sandwiches and we can do some sightseeing and (of course) shopping.  I can't wait to go to 1861.  The clothes there look amazing.

Well, since it seems I've lost my productivity I suppose its time to head home.  Love the evening crowd on the 95.  I'm sure something will come up I can share with you.


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