Sorry DSW but I'm waiting for the reviews

Maybe I should have taken the day off to go to the grand opening of DSW.  I received two Facebook messages about it.  The Mayor is at the opening and I bet he doesn't appreciate shoes as much as I do.
Part of me is hopeful that it will be as good as the one in Syracuse but there is another part of me that is scared it won’t be.  Talking to one of my co-workers yesterday and we came to the conclusion that part of the allure of places like DSW is that going to Syracuse was always such an event.  You had the excitement leading up to your trip, the planning of when to leave, where to eat, where to shop, checking out websites for sales before going and spending a couple of days with fabulous friends.  It just isn’t the same taking a trip to Trainyards.

DSW Canada has the saddest web page.  Flats and running shoes.  Where are the heels and the bling?  They should have asked me to design their web page.  I would add these beauties (which I have in cream and red).  My next career?
I suppose that we could make it more of an event if we tried.  I could make a map of our route to pick everyone who was coming up, we could check out the DSW website (do they have one yet?), we could get up at 6:00 a.m. to start our journey although we’d have to spend an awful lot more time at Starbucks than we usually do until DSW opened.  We could plan our wardrobe so that we were wearing our most comfortable clothes all while looking stylish, then plan where to eat lunch and what to eat.  Would there be enough time for road trip bingo?  I wonder if there is a floorplan for the store so we could decide ahead of time which areas we wanted to visit and in what order.  The road trip General in me needs to have a battle plan ready.
Entertain Children!!!  Hahaha...I know a few women that would totally be grossed out by this.

Ok ladies, we’ll have to make a date and start planning this trip to DSW…if the reviews are good of course.  Have I mentioned how I miss my beautiful shoes lately?  Still not able to wear them but am hopeful it won’t be too much longer.  A reason to buy some new Spring shoes…being able to try them on J.

Which one do you want to be Cindy?  Steph?  I want to be the red guy in the back (Animal?)

We had a great visit yesterday with a long lost relative.  Hope that he doesn’t wait another million years to come by again because we miss him.  Good to catch up on the family gossip even though it isn’t a juicy now as it used to be.




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