The Peep Show

Not quite this roudy at my house but we had fun anyways.

Ah, the sights and sounds of spring.  Shorts and UGG boots (looks ridiculous), seeing robins and wild turkeys always make me smile and the damned squirrels already digging up my lawn (not smiling).

Did you all enjoy the weekend?  Mother Nature has been a bit schizophrenic lately but Sunday was an amazing weather day but, alas, I didn’t get outside at all except to drive back and forth to church.  I love all the pretty little dresses the girls wear for Easter.  One of the choir ladies had on such gorgeous shoes.  It is blasphemous to covet shoes at church?  Made sure that nosy Mavis was aware that I was at church so now I’m golden for a while. J  I just wish I had seen the man who came up to me the weekend before and asked if the only time I go to church is when I am doing coffee duty….well, lately it seems that way but it is rude to ask!

Friday the kids came over for dinner and to share their Guatemalan adventure with us.  The pictures are amazing and make me wish that I had it in me to climb volcanos.  Now I’ll have to get out the slide projector so I can look at the pictures my dad took when he went there oh so many years ago so we can compare them. (That's a volcano that they are on and one behind them.)

It was decided that since I chose not to make turkey for Easter (gasp) that I must have offended someone or something because it ended up being an interesting day.  Seven of our usual guests ended up not coming.  We had an 11 pound ham plus a toupie ham, mashed potatoes, roast veggies, broccoli, a huge salad, three types of dessert – a lot of leftovers.  Turned out that my girlfriend and I got to sit at the big table for the very first time in years.  We are thinking that its not such a bad thing to have less people because it means that we don’t have to sit in the kitchen to eat.  I ended up spilling a glass of water on her (what are friends for) but other than that, no mishaps. 

There is a couple and their two kids who come but this time the husband brought a guy and no wife.   The husband introduces us to the wife’s nephew and after they go out to the garage (because that’s where the manly men hang out to smoke and drink while the women folk cook and clean…hmmm does that sound disgruntled?  LOL) I asked my friend what his name was and both of us came up blank – had a good laugh.  I thought it was Dwayne but it turns out it was Austin.  I had to keep thinking Austin Powers because it almost came out Aston Martin – hahaha.

I got an excellent spot at the park and ride today and there were so many choices of seats on the bus.  That really doesn’t make up for having to come to work when so many people were sleeping in but what can you do?  We were almost downtown and I looked up from my book and I was all alone.  Kind of a creepy feeling.  Made for a super fast ride to work.  It is very quiet at the office too.  I wonder what the gym will be like?  It’s a shame that it is pouring out today because a nice long walk in my new runners would be way more fun than going to the gym.

I had a great bike ride at the gym.  Ended up having a bit of race with the guy on the bike next to me because he kept looking over to see how fast and how far I was going which made me move it up a notch just to make it look good but you all know that I’m not the least bit competitive J.

Do I seem like a Hortense?

I have just discovered why they make the flap on pants where you do them up.  It is for when you forget (like an idiot) to do your zipper up so people won't see your undies.  Oh, how embarrassing - lol.

 Hmmmm, what to have for dinner?  Ham, ham or maybe ham?


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