The things you see when the weather gets warmer

Poop, a lot of dog poop and a lot of dog poop bags.  If you go to all the trouble of putting the poop in a bag, why can't you take it home and dispose of it?  Why would you leave it on the sidewalk or beside the sidewalk?  Do you think that someone is going to say "hey, that poor dog owner must be so tired that they could bend down and pick up poop and put it in a bag but must have dropped it and couldn't bend down again to pick it up to take home so let me do it for them."  THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE PEOPLE.  If you see someone who drops their poop bag make sure you give them the stink eye.

Young man wearing plaid pants with plaid rain boots – different plaid patterns of course.

A guy who was whistling while carrying the smallest coffee cup of all time.  Must be expresso to make him so happy so early on a work day.  My oh my, if he looked like this I would have followed him wherever he was going.  You know you would have too.

A very slow bus driver.  I suppose he wanted to enjoy the sun while it lasted as much as the rest of us but dude, I want to get downtown and go for a walk before work so hurry up please.

Women wearing shoes, rain boots, winter boots (furry ones, leather ones, tall ones and short ones), short rain boots with knee socks, leg warmers and short boots (yes, on a warm day) and no pantyhose (might be a tad too early for that but hey, just my opinion.

There was a woman on the bus this morning with her Sony Walkman (yes, such a thing apparently still exists) and she was chair dancing.  I always wonder what music people are listening to when they are getting into the whole experience.  She was moving her shoulders and head while trying not to do it too much.  Did she think we wouldn’t notice?  I say, go for it.  Be like the woman at the gym who belts out the tunes while on the elliptical machine

A young lady was putting her make-up on while on the bus this morning.  I really don’t understand why people can’t get up 5 minutes earlier and do their make-up, shave, eat their cereal, etc.  Why do you need to do it in a moving vehicle where all of the general public can see you?  When she got to mascara I have to confess that I was a little worried we might hit a pot hole or two because there is an epidemic of them in town right now.  Would she stab herself in the eye?  Would she cry out and draw attention to the fact that she couldn’t get up 5 minutes earlier and do her make-up at home?   Would I have to sympathise or could I say “hey, if you got up 5 minutes earlier‼!)  I thought she might be getting out the eyeliner but it turned out to be an eyebrow pencil.  Can you imagine putting eyeliner on while on a big bouncy bus?  It would end so badly for me since I can’t even do it while standing on a nice solid floor.

Me after putting make-up on while on the bus:

It has been a great weather week filled with getting off the bus a little early each morning and walking to work, snowshoeing with my buddy Heather, walking with Jonathan and hearing about what’s going on in his life and dreaming of biking (maybe this weekend‼!)  I am doing my physio exercises so that I can get back to running soon….really I am….sometimes….when I remember about them.  Until then, ADVIL.

Get outside and enjoy this lovely touch of spring folks.  I saw Canada geese coming back last night so it must really be here.



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